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[FIXED] Assassin bow should cancel windsweep's "no follow-up effect" (3)
[FIXED] Special Charge skills stacking (3)
[FIXED] Little mix-up with Morgan (2)
[FIXED] Missing Character (2)
[FIXED] Combat Simulator (2)
[FIXED] Gunnthra's Blizzard (4)
T. Axelrod's Page (3)
[FIXED] Vengful Fighter - Special Cooldown charge bonus does not properly display (3)
[NOT BUG] Thani only reducing first hit (4)
Thani doesn't seem to be effective against horses or armor (2)
[FIXED] Certain Heroes Missing Descriptions (5)
[FIXED] Chart acts like new years Camilla is an archer (1)
[FIXED] Urvan Bike vs Bike (1)
[FIXED] Distant Def 1-3 Sacred Seal works not correct (2)
[FIXED] Ice Mirror doesn't seem to add the damage it absorbed to the next counter attack (2)
[FIXED] Divine Tyrfing Incorrectly Applies to Dragons (3)
[FIXED] There are several things with this picture (2)
[FIXED] Glimmer cooldown change doesn't reflect in simulation (2)
[FIXED] No Close Def 1-3 Seal? (3)
[FIXED] Follow-up Ring not working properly 2 (1)
[FIXED] Steady Breath giving Cooldown charge +1 to enemy units (2)
[FIXED] Steady Breath not actually fixed (4)
Weird Battle Log Display Bug (1)
[FIXED] Custom Unit Breath Weapons Unusable in Damage Calc (3)
[FIXED] Putting Shield Pulse 3 on Ninian breaks Battle Results (4)
[FIXED] The falchion anti-dragon effect is currently not considered in the battle simulator (4)
[FIXED] Filters and Overrides buttons are broken (4)
[FIXED] NaN error produced when changing weapons (4)
[DUPLICATE] Giving an archer unit Brave Bow+ glitches the matchup summary results (3)