GAMEDEX is working to revolutionize the online spaces gamers use to find information on their favorite games. Gaming communities lean heavily on collaborative Wiki software to find and organize information. Generally, only major hits have professionally developed fansites. With time, GAMEDEX aims to change that.

Wikis are Inconsistent

While wikis are a great fit for many games, data rich games benefit hugely from a centralized database. Standardized page templates and functionality make fansites maintainable without a huge player-base to constantly keep it up to date. GAMEDEX requires only data and configuration to setup. Once established, sites on the GAMEDEX network require only database updates, automatically updating existing content pages and generating new ones.

KageroChart is a great example. While still under active development, the site already boasts 1000+ pages that update automatically when new Fire Emblem Heroes data is uploaded. Editing these pages manually would be a nightmare, and human error all but guarantees inconsistencies. With GAMEDEX, its easy.

GAMEDEX Sites are Mobile Friendly

Today, mobile gamers account for a huge portion of the population. Looking up data on the same device being used to play a game is not only convenient, but often a necessity. What's more, as many as 60% of gamers lookup information on their phones, even for PC and console titles.

GAMEDEX sites are designed with mobile in mind from the beginning. While some heavier features and visualizations are difficult to present on small media, the vast majority of content on the network will be easy to access and look great on any device.

GAMEDEX Sites are Fast

In the age of mobile, slow site performance is a major problem for the current generation of game fansites and wikis. GAMEDEX sites feature AMP versions of every page and adhere to recommended PageSpeed optimizations. What's more, GAMEDEX sites are hosted in a custom cloud environment tailored for our applications. Between efficient software, coding standards and infrastructure, GAMEDEX should load fast enough for even the most impatient of gamers.

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