[FIXED] 1vall in Damage Calc Ignoring Desperation

desperation doesn’t work in the versus all.
like at all
I should at least = the amount of wins I’d get at full hp

but it seems like it gets stuck at 77
I don’t get why I lose a win tho

it really is I don’t get what variable might change that
really wish I could filter what’s the unit in question that I’m able to win against when at full hp but not anymore if at 30%
so it seems like desperation does work, just this one win disappear
come to think of it
mmm nvm
was gonna say could be him striking twice and then he gets speced on and dies, but that wouldn’t make sense
cuz said unit should be dead at that point

@Fearless_Jay_Fluffy I could use a little clarification on this one, if you don’t mind. I know you sent me some PMs but I think the screenshots were for different issues?

Thank you