[FIXED] Certain Heroes Missing Descriptions

It seems that for certain heroes that the character descriptions are absent. I’m not entirely sure if my browser is just having difficulties loading these particular pages for some reason or if this was an actual issue. I decided to report it either way, just in case.

I decided to check the pages for every hero and these are the ones I found to be having this issue:

Again, not sure if this was an actual issue or not, I just wanted to be safe. But if it is just either my own issue or it’s just all in my head, I apologize for wasting anybody’s time

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If you’re having a problem specific to your computer or whatever we still want to know about it! Thanks for putting this list together, super helpful. I can confirm that these are missing.

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Ah, good. Thank you, sir, I was worried I was just seeing things. Happy to help, though!

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I fixed this. Thanks again for reporting!