[FIXED] Follow-up Ring not working properly

Follow-up ring works well when Arden is initiating combat, however when hes being attacked it does not activate. In game atleast it seems to work as an assured follow up in both enemy and player turn as long as his Hp is above 50%.

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I’ll check into it thanks.

I hastily fixed this while updating the seals. Please let me know if anything else is wonky. Appreciate your testing feedback @Asnel18!

It works perfectly fine vs melee units, but It seems to be activating against all ranged units without him having the A skill Distant Counter.

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Apparently follow-up ring also works after death, so multiple problems here. Haha

Follow-up Ring is allowing Arden to counter Firesweep users. I don’t think this was reported already.

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Sorry if I’m doing this incorrectly, I just made an account to point this out. Apparently can’t do more than one image per post.

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Ah, yeah the forum software has a default setting to prevent image spam on new accounts. I’ll up it.

Thanks for the reports guys/gals. This is fixed in the next update.