[FIXED] Skills that dont work at all

The following list of skills or seals dont work at all, their effects need to be added to the calculator:

CYL heroes weapons (+3 stats)
Beorc’s Blessing
Sacae’s Blessing

Quickened pulse
Hardy bearing
Phantom speed

  • The CYL weapons should be working since yesterday, if you want to confirm for me.

  • Beroc’s Blessing and Sacae’s Blessing should both be working since yesterday, if you want to confirm for me.

  • Start of battle effects like quickened pulse need to be manually adjusted. I make no assumptions about the state of the current battle in the simulations.

  • Phantom Speed and Hardy Bearing do need implemented, yes.


Yes! Beorc’s blessing and Sacae’s blessing, as well as the weapons are working already, nice job. I just posted this as a way to feedback so that you can make this even more helpful, if that’s even possible haha.

Thanks for putting your effort on such a handy tool.

I appreciate the feedback. I don’t always catch things and the game has become quite complex as of late!

Beorc’s blessing seems to interact correctly with regular buff, but on Cecilia using blade tome with +6 in all stats, she “doesn’t have any buff” but still gets the +24 to weapon damage from her tome. Is this intentional?

Good catch @MegaNerdNerdus. No this is not intended.