[FIXED] Some calc bugs + filler

http://prntscr.com/gepyhf If you don’t have the weapon, it uses the hyphen delimited version of the name instead of the actual display name.

Also, Thoron+ is missing from the weapons. It is an enemy only exclusive blue tome weapon thus far.

Title needing 15 chars seems silly as well.

“Some Calc bugs” is a crappy title, so I am not convinced a 15 char (default) setting is a problem :stuck_out_tongue:

“hero name hyphen delimited with no weapon”

Thanks for report @Xinde, there might be a few of these. Tons of redundant display code.

Enemies don’t exist in the database, so their weapons don’t either.

Also not sure if I’m missing something, but doesn’t seem like there is a direct link to these forums from the home page of either gamedex or kagerochart.

Doh, I thought I added that. I am working on the integrations this weekend and will put it in the menus.

Not adding the enemy only weapons just yet and will hopefully fix the hyphen delimited text with some linking improvements in the pipeline. Added the forum link though so I guess I get to mark this as fixed?