[FIXED] Special Charge skills stacking

I was testing out Fallen Robin with Warding Breath and Vengeful Fighter, and saw that there is a miscalculation with the special cooldown charge. The +1 cooldown charge shouldn’t stack with skills like these, but the simulator does stack them. This was the battle. My special was Aether.

-Unit attacks Robin once, +1 charge from Warding breath. (Aether Charge 5 -> 3)
-Robin counterattacks, gains +1 charge from Warding breath, and +1 charge from Vengeful
fighter. (3 -> Charged)
-Robin follows-up with Aether.

Shouldn’t the second follow-up attack make the Aether charge ready instead of the first counterattack, since the skills don’t stack?
What it should be:
-Unit attacks Robin. +1 Charge from Warding Breath (5 -> 3)
-Robin counterattacks. +1 Charge from only Warding Breath OR Vengeful Fighter, not both (3 -> 1)
-Robin follows-up. +1 charge once again. (1 -> Charged)

I dunno, I just saw that when I was testing or maybe I’m wrong haha. Hopefully my explanation makes sense. Thanks for reading and goodbye!

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Is this still a problem? I think we got it in the last round of bug fixes but possibly not.


Will be fixed in the next update, I forgot to put a termination sequence in a function! Thanks!