[FIXED] Steady Breath giving Cooldown charge +1 to enemy units


When doing a simulator with my Nowi against Bow Lyn, I noticed that Nowi with QR3 and Steady Breath will allow Lyn to proc Draconic Aura on the follow-up attack, but if I remove Steady Breath, Lyn’s special will not be charged, and wont go off on the follow-up. It seems that Steady Breath is giving special cooldown charge +1 to the enemy unit, but not to the unit it is equipped on, as Nowi’s Aether should proc on her follow-up, but it does not in the simulator.

I have tried this with other characters attacking Nowi, and it still causes the bug, regardless of the attacker. QR 3 with Steady Breath was tried with other characters as well, and it always produces the bug, so it seem the problem is directly related to Steady Breath.


I’ll check into it, thanks!