[FIXED] Steady Breath not activating for 2 special charge on counterattack

Steady Breath should give an additional special charge on the unit’s own counterattack on enemy phase. Currently only triggering when the unit is being hit and not on enemy phase counter.

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I’ll check into this, but I think I fixed it at some point? May need an example in case I am being dense.


Try Effie with no passives vs Bike with QP seal. Effie attacks (+2 special), Bike counters (+2 special) and Bike’s second counter should activate Aether, but the first counter didn’t give +2 special

Sounds like you are counting on quickening pulse to lower the cooldown, but it doesn’t. This is not a problem with steady breath.

Quickened pulse does not lower the cooldown in the calc, e.g. 4/5 for aether like you are expecting. All similar “start of turn 1” effects are not currently implemented. You can simulate their effects by lower the cooldown in the status tab.

I may be wrong in this, and I apologize if I am, but I think SB is broken. From how I understand it, it’s supposed to add two charges every time someone is hit when your unit is attacked on enemy phase. That way if you were to have a six charge special and QR, your unit would activate their special on the final attack of the battle. This is a good example: Skip to the time 12:00

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This is fixed in the next update.