T. Axelrod's Page

This is a very minor bug, but any bug is a bug worth noting. There’s obviously the pages for the voice actors for every character which you can find on the list of English voice actors or on the character pages themselves. But there seems to be an issue with T. Axelrod’s page (English voice actor for Cain and Navarre)

The issue is that going to T. Axelrod’s page by clicking his link on either Navarre or Cain’s page, doesn’t bring you to the right place, it brings you here. Which this is obviously the incorrect URL, it’s missing the period after the T in T. Axelrod. So, manually inserting the period will bring you to the correct place. Or the list of English voice actors link for T. Axelrod brings you to the correct place.

This is of course no big deal and shouldn’t be that high of a priority to fix. But I thought i’d point this out, anyway!

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This is helpful, thank you

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Not a problem, sir. I’m happy bring any possible flaws or inconsistencies to your attention.