Unable to import a character with Beorc's Blessing

When using the import/export tool on the bottom of the page, if you export a character that has Beorc’s Blessing (so, namely Ike, I suppose), you are unable to then import that character again later.

The error given is: “Import error: Invalid passive B”.

If the line is removed, the import works just fine.


This needs some investigation. Probably the ’

It is – same for BLyn’s blessing.

Both skills are listed as uninheritable, which they are not. But also the isInheritable code doesn’t handle when the uninheritable skill is native to the character, because we haven’t had uninheritable passives in teh past.

Yeah, the original code base does not handle this type of thing particularly well. I’d like to refactor at some point to eliminate all the redundant logic.