Unclear Insights - Halloween Jakob


“Jakob has the highest ATK potential possible among Bow heroes.”

Jakob does have significant attack but it’s not the highest, he is tied with bridal Cordelia at 35 base attack. Additionally, both users bows have 12mt.
"Jakob has the highest DEF potential possible among Colorless heroes."
Also false, Jakob has a good 33 defense at base but so does Saizo.
I don’t mean to imply that Jakob is bad, he is very good, but he only ties in these categories; he doesn’t lead in them.
I hope my input is taken into account and possibly corrected, thank you for the content and continued service.

This an issue of clarity in the natural language processing. He does have the highest potential atk possible. That does not mean “higher than everyone else”, as you discovered.

Can you think of a better wording, without the ability to detect ties?